"Line Training is what you get when you get your Job with the Airline Or Self-Sponsored” . If you have earned a Type Rating from a third party training organisation which has no affiliation with the airline that has taken you on, your airline will want to familiarise you with its own standard operating procedures. SOP’s vary from airline to airline, but don’t affect the fundamentals. The airline may give you some simulator time under its supervision to teach you “the way we do things around here”.

At first arrival on the Line, normally you will operate as an ordinary Co-Pilot but with a Supernumerary training captain on the flight deck to ensure you are up to scratch and the line SOP’s have sunk in. These are acceptance checks, and you’ll get de-briefs about how you’ve done. If accepted, like all other line pilots, you’ll be line-checked from time to time, and do your six-monthly recurrent simulator training, some of which may be Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT ).